RICH CLARE  vocals, trombone
Where to begin!  I am told that I began singing very soon after I began talking.  I know that at the age of 4 my parents would make me sing at their parties
because I knew all of the beer jingles of the time.  My band career began at the age of 14 in a group called Tommy Hoover and the Pyramids.  (Tom later
played with the Magnificent Men).  That lasted a few months and then I helped form a group called the Unknowns.  I performed with this group until the
middle of my sophomore year in college.  For the last year and a half of the Unknowns Jim Colestock, whom I met my freshman year, was our drummer.  
Jim went into the Navy and that ended the Unknowns.  I then joined an established group called the Formations and played with them for two years until
the group disbanded.  I was contacted by a 10 piece soul group called the Soul Brothers, and joined them in 1967.  Soon after this the group was signed
by a local record label called Soulville and they changed our name to the Soulville Allstars.  We had two releases on the label, the second of which was a
two sided "hit" "I'm Gonna Get to You/Won't You Please Be My Girl".  I co-wrote both songs that actually charted and have become cult hits in England and
Europe to this day.  These songs are on several compilation CD's and the 45's are selling on Ebay for around $250.  When the Allstars began to change
our musical style in the late 60's to include songs by Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago, Sly, and the Sons of Champlin we changed our name to Life.  
Around this time Jim Colestock got out of the Navy and we hired him as our drummer and once again we were playing music together.  I was a Biology
teacher at Lower Dauphin High School from 1968-1972 but I had aspirations to become a full time entertainer.  In early 1971 I asked Jim if wanted to be a
full time player, he of course said sure and we began to form what would become Rich Clare Pentagon (we were Polygon for a brief instant).  We began
playing in June 1971 and went on the road in 1972 after 60 straight weeks at the Driftwood on Paxton Street in Harrisburg, PA.  During the 20 years we
traveled we became a mainstay in the Atlantic City Casinos, played Las Vegas, L.A., Puerto Rico and appeared on a Showtime Special entitled Steve Allen
at the reunion was amazing and the Park ask Jim and I if we could at least put a show together for them each summer.  We decided that if that many
people wanted to see us perform we should put the band together locally and here we are 16 years later still going strong and in my estimation this
current band is absolutely great not only musically, but to a man, including the band and crew, the best group of guys I have ever had the pleasure and
good fortune to work with.  I hope we can rock on forever!
JIM COLESTOCK Vocals, Trumpet, Things You Bang
GARY WEBER Vocals, Keyboard
I  joined Pentagon in September of 1999 with my  first engagement on Labor Day on the river front in Harrisburg, PA to 2000 people.  This
was not the largest number of folks I had performed for, however for a first gig with a band and all the material that Pentagon performs it
was very intense. I had played in a very successful local band called "Horizon" in the mid 1970's where I was the lead singer.  After having
problems keeping keyboard players, the guys in the band coaxed me into becoming the keyboard player and we consolidated in to a 4
piece group which was quite successful.  In the 80's, the group changed its format to Top 40 dance music and added a female vocalist
and changing the name of the band to "Webz".  That band became one of the top performing bands in the Harrisburg and West Shore
area.  However, personnel changes began to take its toll on the band and in the early 90's the band dissolved.  At that point, I put together a
duo with one of our former female lead vocalists called "The Wright Stuff" and had a successful run in the County Club and Wedding
Circuit.  After having three different vocalists(these women tend to have babies!!!) I decided to retire from performing. Several months
later Rich Clare contacted me to see if I was interesting in auditioning for Pentagon. I did, and the rest is history.  Ironically, I had followed
Pentagon in their early stages in the 70's and always dreamed about being a part of the band.  I never dreamed that it would be possible.  I
was a music teacher and Department Chairman in the Mechanicsburg Area School District for over 30 years and retired in June of 2006.  I
am now a consultant for Yamaha Corporation of American for their "Music in Education" (MIE) keyboard curriculum.  Additionally, I am the
Tech Support for this product for the entire United States.
MIKE BOARMAN Vocals, Bass Guitar
Mike is a self taught "musician".  He started playing guitar and bass at the age of 11. He was 11 when he played for his first audience (it
did not go well but he did get to talk to a girl).
At age 15 he was hired by the gospel band "The Gabriel's".  With The Gabriel's, he performed hundreds of shows with many notable
country and gospel bands such as The Couriers, The Cathedrals, The Jacob's Brothers and The Blackwood Brothers.  Mike learned a
great deal about "the business" from this experience.  He looks back fondly on that time as The Gabriel's were "30 somethings" and
became  "Role Models" that taught him quite a bit about life and the rigors of the music business.
At the age of 17, Mike played on his first album "The Gabriel's, I Go To The Rock".  At 18 years of age, Mike experienced his first set back
when the Gabriel's disbanded.  "It was hard not seeing the guys and watching the bus and all the gear get sold.  I would have missed the
money but I was not payed very much.  I had to cut my hair and get a job."  
After the Gabriel's, Mike played on several gospel and rock albums as a session "musician".  He worked at Baldwin Studios and
Susquehanna Sound along with several smaller studios.  Mike also did a brief stint with The Harvest Band.  "I was invited to "sit in" during
a live performance for one of the artists who's album I had played on, Roger Cooper (A PTL Club TV regular), and so I played at Agape Farm
for 28,000 people.  That was a big memory because I played the show by reading charts I placed on the floor."
On weekends, Mike would stretch his artistic side by producing and performing Laser shows for venues such as the Harrisburg Kipona
and Dutch Wonderland.
In 1990, Mike entered a local bass playing competition.  Out of hundreds of entries, Mike's solo was chosen along with several others for a
"live competition" which was held at The Country Side Inn.  There were some prominent national musicians judging the event.  Mike was
very pleased to have been selected as the winner with a grand prize of a Fender Jazz Bass that sits as a dusty relic of days gone by, in his
home, to this day.  This win put Mike on the radar of Rich Clare, as Pentagon was gearing down from it's national tour circuit.
Mike auditioned for Pentagon at the invitation of Rich Clare and was asked to join the band.  That was in 1991.  "Pentagon was a great fit
for me.  They played for great audiences, at great venues and challenged me both musically and vocally.  "Pentagon has always been
anchored by Rich and Jim.  They are great guys, as everyone knows.  The current line up of artists and crew are simply the best I have
ever worked with.  It is a pleasure to perform with every one of them.  Pentagon is more than a band to me, these guys (and their beautiful
spouses) are an extension of family.  I am lucky to be with them."  
In 2003 Mike played on the soon to be released Savage Bliss album.
In 2008/09 Mike played and sang back up vocal on the recently released Hybrid Ice album, at After 7 Studios.
In 2009 Mike played bass, back up vocal and lead vocal on the studio released Pentagon album.
Mike is the THIRD longest standing member of Pentagon (after Rich and Jim).  He enjoys the seniority that this has earned him.
"Pentagon is my main musical outlet.  I enjoy being the least talented member of this band.  I have grown as an instrumentalist, vocalist,
performer and as a person, thanks to the depth of talent and humanity that I have the honor to hang out with and share the stage with."
"As long as our wonderful audiences keep showing up, I will be there!  I appreciate the support from everyone. I sincerely think of those
who come time and time again to be my friends
AL COOK Vocals, Lead Guitar
I have been a staple of the regional music scene for over 37 years.  Coming from a musical family, my first memories are of being on stage
with my father's band at local shows at the age of 5 singing hits of the day, such as Big Momma Thorton's Hound Dog, as recorded by Elvis
Presley and going to sleep listening to my father's jam sessions with Bill Haley & his Comets, from my bedroom at home.  My musical
abilities were honed during my college years, majoring in music education after which I worked in many bands, both acoustic and electric,
most notably as half of the ever popular regional duo of Cook & Cosey in the late 70's -  as a solo performer from 1980 on.  In 1982 I moved
from native Pennsylvania to Nashville,  Tennesse to work as both a studio musician and song writer with Common Ground publishing
company.  Desiring to return to the live stage and my family and friends in Pennsylvania, as well as to start a family near my hometown, I
moved back to Lancaster in the latter half of the decade and resumed playing regionally throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland
both in bands and as a solo act.  I joined the band Pentagon in 2000.  Through the years I have shared the stage with a number of top talents
of the last several years:  Seals and Crofts, Linda Ronstadt, Stephen Stills, Peter Seger, Dolly Parton, the Average White Band, Richard
Thompson, Slim Whitman, and George Carlin.  Pentagon has been one of my greatest pleasures of my musical career.  Rich and the guys
are truly some of the nicest, most genuine people I could hope to work with.  That goes for everyone in the band and crew.  It always looks
like we are having a great time on stage because we ARE!  I personally look forward to each and every gig.  I also would like to thank all our
fans, family and friends for their continued support.
GUITARS-(Rotating lineup):  Fender Custom '56 Strat, Gretsch 6120 Nashville, Gretsch White Falcon, Guild Bluesbird, PRS EG3 Custom 24,
PRS McCarty, Gibson ES335.
AMPS-Two Rock Emerald Pro, Two Rock Opal, Fender 57 Tweed Twin, Savage Rohr 15, Crate CFX200S, Top Hat Supreme 16
MICS- Sennheiser 421, Beyer M88TG, Sennheiser 421, ADK Vienaa LE, Audix VX10
JOE MOHN Vocals, Drums
Onstage Sound
II was born on August 23, 1944, and have always been the oldest in the band. I became interested in the drums when I was 12, and took drum lessons for
five years from Pat Acri, one of the best drummers and teachers I have known. I really liked Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and Luis Bellson when I was learning,
and I actually saw Krupa play at Hershey in 1958. I saw Buddy many years later, but that's another story. I learned to play drum corps style and spent two
seasons with the Hershey Choclatiers, and one with the West Shoremen in Mechanicsburg.  At the same time, I was working very hard to play the
drumset, but there weren't many opportunities to play my craft. That all changed when I went to Shippensburg. I met a guy who was as wacky as I am that
needed a drummer. The guy, of course was Rich Clare, and it all went downhill from there. We first worked together with some other guys from our TKE
pledge class to entertain at parties. Later I played in Rich's band, the Unknowns. But nobody knew who we were. When I got out of the Navy, Rich asked
me to play in the band Life, playing a lot of Blood Sweat and Tears, and Chicago. By the time I graduated from college, Rich and I had formed Polygon, and
were playing locally at the Driftwood on Paxton Street. Nobody could remember 'Polygon', so we changed it back to 'The Unknowns'(just kidding)...to
Pentagon, because there were five of us at the time. Twenty years later we woke up in Iowa, went home, got real jobs ,and that's where we are today.
While we were travelling, I married Rich's sister-in-law, Allyson in 1973 and had a son, Tristin, in 1984. ;I'm still married and live in New Cumberland. My
real job since 1992, is teaching Spanish at Harrisburg High School. (Now retired). My favorite color is purple, (blame it on Diego Garcia), and I drive an old